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KPA Multimedia Training Systems delivers a complete INDUSTRY SPECIFIC, LIFE-SAVING VIDEO SAFETY TRAINING PROGRAM to the Steel and Metals Industries.

KPA Multimedia Training Systems has changed the PARADIGM for safety training in the Steel and Metals Industry. There is no other company in the WORLD who provides the scope of training that we offer. KPA Multimedia Training Systems Training has proven to affect employee behavior, reduce incident rates, and save lives.

Life-Saving Content

KPA Multimedia Training Systems monthly safety videos deliver life-saving content in the form of interviews with injured workers and their families, accident recreations, near miss recreations and hazard recognition exercises.


Interviews with injured workers and their families.

Accident Recreations

We re-create serious and fatal accidents to raise awareness and help employees understand the root causes and how to avoid them.

Near Miss Recreations

We take what could have happened and tell the story so it never does.

Incident Alerts

We utilize video and animation to share events and information from across the industry.

Industry Leading Tools

KPA Multimedia Training Systems develops tools that allow you to easily access, distribute, create and track training within your organization.

Video Portal

As a subscriber you will have access to your own Company Video Portal. From there you can access all current releases as well as a massive library of past releases, environmental releases, special releases, toolbox talks, and featured segments that include short interviews, accident and near miss recreations. You can search your video portal to find the video and printable materials that you need when you need them.

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Course Builder

The new Custom Course Builder is a powerful tool that allows our clients to develop their own training courses. This is ideal for very specific, focused training to accomplish a specific training goal. The Custom Course Builder will allow you to utilize your own content in the form of PowerPoint slides, video that you shoot with a cell phone, iPad or video camera including process camera footage, photographs, charts, documents and more. You can click on the image to view a short video on how the Custom Course Builder works.

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SafetyNet LMS

Your subscription includes access to your own Learning Management System that will allow you to record and track all training that takes place at your facility. This platform allows employees to take training on a computer, tablet or smart phone and that training. Supervisors and Administrators can keep track of training progress live 24x7.

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A complete Contractor safety system. Including hazard awareness focused content, tracking and reporting tools, and flexible delivery.

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A complete Third Party Driver safety system. Including hazard awareness focused content, tracking and reporting tools, and flexible delivery.

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Our Clients

These are some of the leading companies in the Steel Industry who consider KPA Multimedia Training Systems to be their “Partner in Safety”

Our Company

KPA Announces Acquisition of Multimedia Training Systems

KPA has joined forces with MTS to expand our award-winning training portfolio that helps clients improve workforce safety and compliance.
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KPA Multimedia Training Systems is A DIFFERENT KIND OF COMPANY

KPA Multimedia Training Systems actually changes employee behavior to save lives and prevent injuries.

  • RIVETING interviews with injured workers
  • POWERFUL accident and near-miss recreations
  • CHALLENGING hazard recognition exercises

KPA Multimedia Training Systems is recognized as a SAFETY leader in the steel industry.

  • KPA Multimedia Training Systems training is presently in use by more than 90% of all North American Steel mills.
  • KPA Multimedia Training Systems training is translated into over 20 languages to meet the demands of clients around the world.

KPA Multimedia Training Systems produces training that is not only specific to the Steel Producers, but also specific downstream operations such as:
  • Steel Processors
  • Tube and Pipe mills
  • Joist Fabricators
  • Rebar Fabricators
  • Metals Recycling
  • Service Centers

Multimedia Training Systems was started by former steel mill managers with extensive experience in safety, operations and maintenance.

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